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About Winton Law El Paso P.C.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make legal advice accessible to everyone by providing high quality legal services for prices that anyone can afford. Many people shy away from speaking to a lawyer out of fear of the potential cost. Here we have designed our firm around systems that allow us to provide commonly used legal services at affordable rates. Everyone should have access to good legal advice especially in those potential stressful times when it is needed most. Many of our services can be quoted over the phone so that you know what you will be paying before walking in the door to see us.

Our Vision

Our principal attorney, Mark Winton, was a small business owner for over a decade before becoming a licensed attorney. Because of his experience our services are geared to assessing and addressing your issues the same day that you meet with us. Our goal is not to bill you “hours” of work but to bring you peace of mind and solve your legal issue with a fixed rate service. We believe this best serves you the client and earns the highest level of satisfaction.

Mark Winton