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Full-Service Probate, Real Estate, Wills, and Estate Planning Attorney

At Winton Law El Paso P.C. we can handle all of your real estate transactions, whether it be buying or selling property. We can help you with property deeds, and drafting and negotiating contracts or leases. We can help you with property deeds, titles, zoning laws, tax exemptions, and draft, negotiate and understand lease agreements.

We can help you through the legal process of probating a will and handle contested and uncontested probate matters. 

We can draft wills and trusts documents, which are legal documents that state how an individual’s property should be distributed or managed after someone’s death. We can also help with estate planning including trusts, living wills and powers of attorney.

We can help you with any contract document preparation for your business. Contract law serves as the foundation of our entire society. We have extensive experience in all contract matters involving individuals and small or large businesses.

We will take the guess-work and fear out of the entire legal process and you’ll be pleased with our up-front pricing. We take the time to explain every legal aspect of your situation. We are not happy until you are happy with our services.

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Full-Service Probate Real Estate Wills Estate Attorney

Our El Paso Law Services

We provide you with quality legal services.
Probate Law - Winton Law El Paso TX

Probate Law

Probate is a legal procedure that handles the distribution of a person’s estate after death.

Wills and Estate Planning - Winton Law El Paso TX

Wills and Estate Planning

We will take care of any wills and Estate Planning needs and answer your questions.

Real Estate Law - Winton Law El Paso TX

Real Estate Law

Buying, using and selling land is governed by many laws. We can help you navigate the legal aspects.

Business Law

We can handle Business Contracts, Entity Formation, and Creditor/Debtor issues.

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El Paso Estate Planning and Probate Attorney

Get quality personalized service from attorney Mark Winton for all of your legal needs:
Probate Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, and Business Law.

Planning Real Estate Law

If You Have an Estate Planning or Real Estate Concern, We Can Help

We offer a variety of services in El Paso for those who need assistance with estate planning or real estate law. Whatever your legal goal, you should seek out the skilled assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can provide guidance on the best way to achieve your goals.

To schedule a consultation with attorney Mark Winton, please call 915-201-2633.

You Deserve Personalized Attention for Your Legal Needs

It is important to understand that each client is unique and faces a different set of concerns and circumstances. We will always give sound legal advice to address simple or more complex solutions. This personalization is the cornerstone of our law practice and it serves our clients well by adapting to their needs and providing them with the best solution possible.

To schedule a consultation with attorney Mark Winton, please call 915-201-2633.

personalized legal advice

Our Google Reviews

frank arteche
frank arteche
November 7, 2023.
Great human being. Very knowledgeable on matters. Easy to get along and communicate in simple language. I will recommend
Audrey Edwards
Audrey Edwards
October 21, 2023.
Very professional from first point of contact. Love, Love, Love Edwardo
Lorena Smalley
Lorena Smalley
October 11, 2023.
Before I say that Mark Winton is an awesome lawyer, I want to say that he is an amazing human being! He is very professional while still being friendly and making me feel at home. Mark took the time to get to know me and my family to better understand our needs. After two months, Mark still remembered my full name and the name of my favorite singer and his band! That shows me that he pays attention to his customers on a personal level while doing an amazing job with my legal business. Kathy is a wonderful person whom I am very happy to have met. Thank you Kathy for your great coffee and cookies. Thank you Mark for just being great and for the business at hand. I recommend Winton Law 100%.
Armando Recendez
Armando Recendez
September 25, 2023.
Mr. Winton and Eddie were an incredible dual! Their assistance with my legal matters was invaluable, and I'm extremely grateful for their help. I’m based in California and they still found a way to help me. Five stars all the way!
Z Nmsu
Z Nmsu
September 21, 2023.
GodSend, GodSend, GodSend , This man came to the Hospital to assist create paperwork for my Elderly Grandfather, He Covered ALL bases. Id pay for his expertise ANY day.
Gloria Borrego
Gloria Borrego
September 19, 2023.
He's the sweetest attorney I've ever met. Most attorneys are snotty but he's down to earth. He did my will and powers of attorney. I really appreciated his help.
Macita O
Macita O
August 31, 2023.
I just want to thank Eddie the receptionist. He is a kind and helpful person. He tries to help me even do they can get my case.🙏
Armida Aguirre
Armida Aguirre
August 31, 2023.
I whole heartedly recommend Mark Winton. He is an amazing lawyer and human, that makes even the most complicated of situations easy to manage. His demeanor, compassion, professionalism and knowledge deserve more than 5 stars. I am a family therapist, and I have to say he has so much empathy, understanding and compassion for his clients. He helped my family so much. Thank you Mark Winton. We are forever grateful.
Brenda Loveday
Brenda Loveday
August 23, 2023.
Great service ! They actually answer the phones, return calls and are very polite and professional. Great accomodating friendly staff. I would highly recommend him!
Trina Karstendiek
Trina Karstendiek
August 13, 2023.
I don’t think there are any happy probates, but there are people who can make the process easier, and Mark Winton is one of them. He navigates through the system with sincere compassion and professionalism. His office staff is an extension of Mark. Step by step they are right there for you and I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you all for guiding me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

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