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Real Estate Law El Paso TX

Winton Law El Paso PC is here to assist you with all your real estate needs, whether residential or commercial, no matter if you are the buyer, seller, lender, or debtor. Everyone deserves just representation under the law, no matter the side you find yourself on.


A deed is a written instrument that conveys the title to real property. It must include an intent to convey property, a legal description of the property, and be signed by the grantor. There are many different types of deeds and each has a different strength, depending upon your needs:

  • General Warranty Deed
  • Special Warranty Deed
  • Deed Without Warranties
  • Lady Bird Deed
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Assumption Deed
  • Wraparound Deed
  • Trustee’s Deed
  • Deed Incident to Divorce
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Correction Deed

If you wish to transfer a property, please contact us so that we may advise and guide you towards the best options for you.

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Contracts and Loan Documents

Contracts for property purchase or lease can be overwhelming with all the details and potential pitfalls. The advantage of hiring an attorney to draft or review your contact, whether buying or selling, is that we are trained in these details in order to protect your interests. We can make sure the contract accomplishes your goals.

We can also draft loan documents to include notes, deeds of trusts, and mortgages in order to secure your loan. In some cases, sellers may wish to sell the property but keep the note themselves and receive the payments directly, in effect selling the property and becoming the lender.

No matter what stage of the negotiation you are in, we can help protect and accomplish your goals. Please call us to make an appointment.

Subdivision or Rezoning of Property and Easements

If you own a property that you wish to legally divide into more than one than property or rezone for a different purpose, please call us today so that we can advise you of your options. State, county, and municipal laws regulate where, how large, or how small properties must be in order to qualify for division into smaller properties or rezoning for a different use.

Additionally, you may want to sell an easement to someone for the use of a road or utility across your property. We can assist in the negotiation and drafting of the easement.

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